Mike Baur Leads Startups to Success

3:00 am on October 11, 2017

Successful ventures become so because of the people who are in charge of them.Mike Baur is a cofounder and is one of the key forces behind Swiss Startup Factory. Today he serves as its Executive Chairman. His ambition, knowledge and leadership have contributed greatly to the success of, not only his company, but the others that they work with.


Baur left a successful 20-year banking career to start investing in the ground floor of various companies and guiding them on the way to their own success. In 2014 he joined Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in starting Swiss Startup Factory. When CTI joined forces with Swiss Startup Factory Bauer became the group’s deputy managing director.


Although the company has only been in business for two and a half years, already it is doing what it set out to do and has been the force behind three successful batches in the accelerator world. The company is also responsible for 18 startups that are in the early stages of growth. Baur has been in charge of fundraising and financing for this young companies.


Acting as a parent company for young start-ups the Swiss Startup Group comes in at the ground level and work to put all of the pieces in place that will lead companies and organizations on to success in their own right. They provide coaching, mentoring and other guidance that can ensure all of the pieces are in place at the ground level to give a company a real shot at making it and being able to stand on it’s own feet when it is up and running.


Originated in Switzerland, one of the goals of the company has been to be one of the most successful early stage startups in the world and Baur and the other leaders have made one of its overall goals to have Switzerland recognized for international early stage investors. Several high-level investors have been recruited to help with the financing of the group’s projects.


Baur and his successful past and climb in the business world has been featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal.


Working Hand in Hand to Help Others

3:03 am on October 9, 2017

When both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started their career in journalism, neither of them knew how important this career choice would be one day. They are now in a position to help others, and that is exactly what they do.

One of the things the world still could improve upon is human rights. Although it is a standard and a pretty ordinary thing for most people, for others – it is not so much. Many groups within the society don’t always see the human rights exercised to the full capacity or at all.

They suffer the most from abuse by employers, and there are several reasons why it happens.

Migrants very often leave their home country because their new country is more prosperous and It promises safety and security. However, they don’t always speak the language which is a crucial aspect of living in a new country.

Since the tongue is an issue, many don’t know what to do if their human rights are not taken into account. These people are not sure where to turn or who to talk to in a safe way to get this information. This is one of the ways Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin help people through their Frontera Fund. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

Both of these journalists started the organization after their human rights were threatened. They were abducted but later released. To their horror, this release did not man their story was over. It was just beginning.

Both men were arrested by the authorities of the county to try and extract information from them. Information that they did not have or didn’t want to disclose.

Both men were sure that their arrest was not lawful, so they sued the county and not just won but walked away with a considerable amount of money. Their 3.75 million dollar settlement money was used for the greater good. They decided to help others who were vulnerable in different situations.

Human rights organizations do a lot of work Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin appreciate so they decided to create their own human rights support organization that would be able to link up with other agencies and help people get back on track.

They live in Arizona, and the biggest community that they see struggling comes from Latin American countries. They don’t know the language, don’t have access to legal aid or don’t know where to look for it, and many employers take advantage of their migrant status.

Therefore, Frontera Fund is working with other organizations to help people find a better job, learn the language and make sure they know what they should and should not allow their employers to do.

Their career comes into the picture because they can both use their platform to speak out about human rights as well as their personal stories.

It allows both men to broadcast these ideas as well as their collaboration with other human rights organizations around the world. It is now more important than ever for people to come together and help each other.

Trends in Baltimore’s Real Estates as Explained by Todd Lubar

6:47 am on October 5, 2017

According to young professionals, Baltimore is termed as a Charm City. Young demographics projects that the city will continually grow in population, unlike the rumors that its population is decreasing. The rate of economic growth will highly determine how long this trend is going to continue. Young professionals say that the demand for many options of apartments is on the rise. Developers of real estates have come up with key developments of refurbishing old buildings to give the residents high living standards. Many options of the condo building and apartments have been produced to date.

Improvement of public transport is a great key focus that Baltimore has to offer. According to patch.com, this will be an advantage to those planning to live in the city center. Metropolitan areas will also develop at a greater rate as many people from the suburban region will now have a chance to access the town easily.

Baltimore enjoys the prestige of a growing business population. Some initiatives to better the business environment are underway. This is for organizations that are planning to relocate and those planning to open new branches. Companies that have recently been opened are performing better in the city center. Baltimore’s reputation has grown says Patch.com as it highly supports upcoming businesses and encourages talents in nearby regions. These talents are used to better the advancements of the companies in the region.

It is unlikely that the cost of living will rise in the town. This will make the region more pleasant for those that cannot afford the lifestyle of big cities like Washington D.C. On the contrary, the young professionals have developed new housing that inculcates more convenience than what city residents are used to having at their disposal. Upcoming professionals are kept busy in their cities for them to be productive in their communities. Easier access to prestigious shops and hotels has also been established.

TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC has Todd Lubar as its president who is also its Sr. vice president of Legendary Investments. He was earlier at Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd’s efforts saw the office of Maryland Legacy Financial profit by many hundreds of million dollars in a year.

Ref: https://about.me/todd_lubar

The Impeccable Entrepreneurial Success Story of Vijay Eswaran

10:25 am on September 16, 2017

Vijay Eswaran was born into a modest family, where they led a normal life in their great country of Malaysia. However, they would be subjected to a nomadic lifestyle owing to his father’s career with the ministry of Labor that demanded he moved to different parts of Malaysia every now and then.

He was born in the month of October, 1960 in Penang to his loving parents Pushpavathy and Vijayaratnam. The mother was a teacher who worked hard to supplement the family’s income together with that of the father. They brought up Vijay in a great way to prepare him for a successful future.

Vijay Eswaran would later get schooled, where he studied hard to be able to excel exceedingly. He went to the London School of Economics, where he studied optimally to be able to graduate with a socio-economic degree in the year 1984.

It was after this marvelous qualification that he stayed on in Europe and engaged in all manner of odd jobs in a bid to make ends meet. He would be a cab driver in London, pluck grapes in France and get involved in a construction site in the country of Belgium. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://twitter.com/vjayeswaran?lang=en

While Vijay was in the UK, he was introduced to binary marketing systems, which made him go back to school in a bid to get professional and academic qualification in the subject. He got a qualification from CIMA in the United Kingdom as well as an MBA from the reputable Southern Illinois University.

He would later return to his country Malaysia and get involved into multilevel marketing. This was to be the start of his now very successful career in this particular field. His passion had a lot to do with his level of success.

As Vijay returned to Asia in the year 1998, he ventured into multilevel marketing by eventually co-founding an MLM company that expanded to the renown QI Group.

This company has earned its great reputation through its various businesses in media, luxury products, wellness, travel, telecommunications as well as corporate investments among others.

This great company has grown to the extent that it has regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong as well as Thailand, whereas it has ventured into other countries through its subsidiary companies.

It is the dedications of Vijay Eswaran that has seen the growth and expansion of the QI Group. He is also a selfless leader who continues to share his knowledge through his authorship skills as well as speaking on various forums.

The life and work of Betsy DeVos

12:29 am on September 13, 2017

Betsy DeVos is a reformer and an innovator who involved herself with campus politics. For over 30 years, Mrs. DeVos conducted various campaigns, political action committees as well as party organizations. She was the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years. Betsy also served as chair of the wind quest group which is a private company that invests in manufacturing, technology as well as clean energy. She established the company alongside her husband, Dick DeVos, in the year 1989. Dick DeVos is the former president of Orlando Magic NBA. In 1990, Dick had been elected to the position of the State Board of Education in Michigan. Mrs. DeVos performs different non-profit activities whereby she is the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation. Mrs. DeVos is also a member of various national and local boards such as the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, the foundation of excellence in education as well as Mars Hill Bible Church.


Mrs. DeVos says that there are over 250,000 students in the public schools. She says that in the previous year the number of students admitted increased by about 40,000. People believed that public schools do not succeed and are always failing which led to the reform of the schools such as tax credits as well as an education savings account. Mrs. DeVos became interested in the reform of schools when she had children of her own. She paid a visit to Potters House Christian School which has been in existence for more than 30 years. It has been serving the low-income families in the community. When she visited the school, she saw parents do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for their children. She started to support individual students who attended the Potter’s House which later became a huge commitment. To date, Mrs. DeVos supports Potter’s House at a remarkable level. Mrs. DeVos and her husband became interested in helping parents especially the low-income families who had children. She involved herself by starting a foundation that provided scholarships to low-income families so that the parents would decide on which schools their children would attend.


In the 1990s, Mrs. DeVos worked on two national charities boards which include Children First America and the American Educational Reform Council. The two boards worked to expand the education system via vouchers as well as tax credits. In 1993, Betsy and her husband were involved in passing Michigan’s first charter bill. Betsy DeVos huge accomplishment is the tax-credit scholarship program in Florida. Expansion of the program in Florida has seen an enormous increase in the number of students. Currently, over 50,000 students are attending the school of their choice. Betsy is the secretary of Education, a position she has held since the beginning of this year.


To learn more, visit http://www.betsydevos.com/.

The Achievements of Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

4:40 am on September 2, 2017

Sometimes justice is served; other times money or power buys it. However, with the availability of organizations that fight for the rights of the undeserved, sometimes even these groups get justice. A good example of an organization that fights for the rights of the underprivileged is Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Larkin & Lacey Foundation was established in the year 2007 by two executives from the Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two had been arrested, from their homes, in the middle of the night and mishandled.

They had then been sent to different jails. The reason for their arrest was the mere fact that they had discussed a cover story about the corrupt Sheriss Joe Arpaio, which had been written on the New Phoenix Times. Initially, Lacey & Larkin had received an order not to discuss the Sheriff. However, they went ahead to expose him, which hurt his ego and image and got them arrested.

But, having spent their days fighting first amendment rights, they sued the sheriff. This got them to the court of appeal, where a ruling in their favor was made. The jury ruled that they had been wrongfully imprisoned so they had to be compensated. As settlement money, they got a sum of $3.75 million. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:  http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/

The two decided that the money would go towards establishing an organization to fund organizations that fought for the rights for undeserved groups. Today, they fund a number of human, civil and migrant rights including;

The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project

In Arizona, there are so many immigrants that are held hostage by Homeland Security, awaiting their cases to be heard prior to deportation. What these people have in common is the unavailability of resources to hire good lawyers even when they have great cases and could potentially win. The Florence Immigrants and Refugees Rights Projects provide such people with lawyers to help them win their case.

Fundación México

The Fundación México recognizes that Mexican children, living across the border, but don’t have papers, go through a lot of trouble to get a good education. Therefore, even if they are excellent performers, they end up in poor schools, where they might not fully exploit their potentials. As such, the organization gives scholarships to brilliant college students of the Mexican descent.

Arizona DREAM Act Coalition

The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition was founded as a retariation to the 2006 Law that had been passed preventing undocumented students from receiving merit-based sponsorship. Also, it required that they pay expensive tuition fees just because they were undocumented. As a result, undocumented students formed the organization to ensure that other students wouldn’t unfairly suffer from it.

Promise Arizona

Promise Arizona is a faith-based organization that was founded in the year 2010. The organization is known for pestering the former government for reforms in the immigration law. Also, they hold clinics to register people for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and training young leaders.

Read more:

Village Voice Media | Wikipedia
Phoenix New Time

The Insights of Lori Senecal On Adapting to the Changes in the Market

11:38 pm on August 23, 2017

As new forms of technology develops, the markets change. However, the changes in the market go far beyond the technology and platform. This is especially the case when it comes to advertising to customers. For instance, businesses are not going to be able to take the methods that work with television and radio advertising and just apply it to online platforms. There needs to be other forms of engagement taking place on these platforms in order for it to work. For one thing, approaching social media the way one approaches television is only going to aggravate the users of the platforms.

Among the methods that Lori Senecal and some of the other successful advertisers suggest is engaging with the audience and potential customers. With the use of internet and social media, many companies have taken the time to get to know their customers so that they can make adjustments to their business to better cater to their customers. According to Ad Week, after all, the most important factor to the success of a company is how well they are willing to listen to their customers. They must also be willing to meet their customers where they are, explains Lori. This would mean taking notes of what they use.

For instance, many customers are accessing the internet from their mobile devices. While mobile devices are still able to access websites like regular computers, the format is a lot different. After all, the technology of mobile phones and tablets are different from computers. For instance, some of the mobile phones that are available operate on Android technology which is different from Windows. Therefore, some content is going to display differently. Lori Senecal thinks about the mobile users and urges her clients to come up with something that is going to work for mobile devices. Her methods maximize the reach of her clients. Read more about Lori on crunchbase.com.

Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines Is Award Winning Wine for 2017

5:48 am on August 19, 2017

Born in San Francisco in 1988, Julia Jackson was born to Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. Julia spent the majority of her summers in the fields pulling grapes and sorting through basket after basket of grapes. It was nothing for them to be out in the fields during the summer in 100 degree heat sorting through grapes and pulling grapes. Julia Jackson recalls her father ensuring that his kids learned that hard work is what made a dollar. He wanted to teach them that they had to work hard in order to be successful.

During the school year, the kids would work hard after school and Julia made connections with people that would carry her through her adult years even. She made a friendship with a friend who would lead her to Bordeaux for a summer that would immerse her in winemaking and learning the French culture. Julia has been quoted in saying that she has always had a passion for the French style and by learning firsthand about French winemaking, she learned something that she will always carry with her and it was a highlight of her life.

Know more: https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2015/10/sonoma-beats-napa-in-cult-cab-comparative/

Julia Jackson now works within the International sales team at the Jackson Family Wines estate. She helps to introduce a wide selection of new wines and old wines to a generation of wine lovers around the world. Julia’s father and mother had three children and it is all of them that work together to ensure that the family business continues to prosper and continue for years to come. Barbara is still heavily involved in all things of the business by being the president and CEO of the company while Julia is the spokesperson of the business. Recently the family business has earned the prestigious award of 2017 Distinguished Service Award for Wine Spectators.

Amazon Watch watches over the Amazon Basin’s indigenous families’ rights

10:20 am on August 10, 2017

Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization founded back in 1996 to fight against deforestation and protect the rights of the occupants of Amazon Basin. The group seeks partnerships with the locals and environmental group located in the area to voice their concerns in ways of handling human rights and keeping the environments safe.

They believe that forests are what keeps life going by regulating the world’s climatic behaviors that are vital to sustaining the balance of life. For this reason, Amazon Watch pooled their resources to protect Amazon Rainforest. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Amazon Rainforest is one of its kind in the world, and it contains over a third of the world’s wildlife and plants species. The rainforest also produces fresh water depended on by the people around it.

Amazon Watch jumped into action after research showed shocking findings that if the current rate at which Amazon Basin is being deforested, it will be out of extinction by the year 2020. This means that lives depending on it including over 500 indigenous families, would be severely affected.

They would have no access to food, water, and other cultural benefits they derive from Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Watch is advocating for their rights to own land and to prevent further advancement by the government and companies seeking more land to enrich themselves at the expense of the locals. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

It may appear that Amazon Watch’s intervention has no impact on the whole world. But before allowing such thoughts, take a minute and figure this out; global warming.

Global warming is a devastating climatic change, which is caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere due to inadequate trees to filter it from the air.

So Amazon Watch is saving the whole humanity by striving to protect the world largest rainforest that helps us tame global warming. Though Amazon Watch is at the forefront fighting this problem, you and I can take necessary action where we are.

Nobody knows we might be the last generation to protect the environment for the next generation. This is what Amazon Watch envisions, surroundings that respects values and accommodates everyone’s way of life. This is what Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin echoed when they founded Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

Amazon Watch is also advocating for cleaning of crude oil spills around Amazon Basin. There are over 9 million gallons of crude oil drilled western part of Amazon rainforest.

The process has resulted in devastating environmental effects such as increased carbon released through burning oil. If this trend continues, the locals will have nowhere to go.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The fund was developed to support all the activities aimed at upholding rights of immigrants. It was founded by two reporters Jim and Michael.

The two reporters also co-founded Phoenix New Times magazine based in Arizona. The two donated over $3.75 million to Frontera Fund. The money was from court compensation after being detained for publishing information about the Sheriff.

The two revealed a story that there was jury sitting that intended to source notes from them.

Beneficiaries Praise Securus for Stellar Work in Crime Prevention

8:11 am on August 9, 2017

Securus Technologies is a prison tech corporation based in Dallas. Texas. The company has built a reputation for itself for providing security solutions for correctional facilities and the justice system, and creating a safer society as a direct consequence. Due to its efficient services which have made incarceration a more tolerable exercise and a more good course for the inmates and their families and the country as a whole, Securus Technologies has become one of the most respected and revered organizations in the country. Last year, it published comments from its clients, who gave testimonials on what it meant to deal with the company and the results that one could expect.


The clients that Securus Technologies serves are primarily correctional facilities and prisons across North America. The company also serves judicial systems and security agencies in the country. These are institutions that are tasked with the responsibility of providing safety to the society, fighting crime and making incarceration a better and safer environment. They are also tasked with solving crimes and ensuring that perpetrators are brought to book and victims accorded justice. As a result, and in appreciation of the importance and sensitivity of the kind of services that the company provides, Securus develops a new product to enhance security provision and safety preservation every week according to company CEO Rick Smith.


Such commitment to excellence and high propensity for innovation has made the company an epitome of effectiveness in the areas of security and safety. Naturally, people who have benefitted from their services have expressed their gratitude and thanks and continue to do so through emails and letters sent to the company. The people sending such correspondence are a diverse combination of all the population groups that the company serves, including inmates, their families, parolees and prison management and personnel. The bulk of the comments in the emails and letter shower the organization with praise, as was confirmed by those that the company released last year in October.