Beneficiaries Praise Securus for Stellar Work in Crime Prevention

8:11 am on August 9, 2017

Securus Technologies is a prison tech corporation based in Dallas. Texas. The company has built a reputation for itself for providing security solutions for correctional facilities and the justice system, and creating a safer society as a direct consequence. Due to its efficient services which have made incarceration a more tolerable exercise and a more good course for the inmates and their families and the country as a whole, Securus Technologies has become one of the most respected and revered organizations in the country. Last year, it published comments from its clients, who gave testimonials on what it meant to deal with the company and the results that one could expect.


The clients that Securus Technologies serves are primarily correctional facilities and prisons across North America. The company also serves judicial systems and security agencies in the country. These are institutions that are tasked with the responsibility of providing safety to the society, fighting crime and making incarceration a better and safer environment. They are also tasked with solving crimes and ensuring that perpetrators are brought to book and victims accorded justice. As a result, and in appreciation of the importance and sensitivity of the kind of services that the company provides, Securus develops a new product to enhance security provision and safety preservation every week according to company CEO Rick Smith.


Such commitment to excellence and high propensity for innovation has made the company an epitome of effectiveness in the areas of security and safety. Naturally, people who have benefitted from their services have expressed their gratitude and thanks and continue to do so through emails and letters sent to the company. The people sending such correspondence are a diverse combination of all the population groups that the company serves, including inmates, their families, parolees and prison management and personnel. The bulk of the comments in the emails and letter shower the organization with praise, as was confirmed by those that the company released last year in October.