Mike Baur Leads Startups to Success

3:00 am on October 11, 2017

Successful ventures become so because of the people who are in charge of them.Mike Baur is a cofounder and is one of the key forces behind Swiss Startup Factory. Today he serves as its Executive Chairman. His ambition, knowledge and leadership have contributed greatly to the success of, not only his company, but the others that they work with.


Baur left a successful 20-year banking career to start investing in the ground floor of various companies and guiding them on the way to their own success. In 2014 he joined Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in starting Swiss Startup Factory. When CTI joined forces with Swiss Startup Factory Bauer became the group’s deputy managing director.


Although the company has only been in business for two and a half years, already it is doing what it set out to do and has been the force behind three successful batches in the accelerator world. The company is also responsible for 18 startups that are in the early stages of growth. Baur has been in charge of fundraising and financing for this young companies.


Acting as a parent company for young start-ups the Swiss Startup Group comes in at the ground level and work to put all of the pieces in place that will lead companies and organizations on to success in their own right. They provide coaching, mentoring and other guidance that can ensure all of the pieces are in place at the ground level to give a company a real shot at making it and being able to stand on it’s own feet when it is up and running.


Originated in Switzerland, one of the goals of the company has been to be one of the most successful early stage startups in the world and Baur and the other leaders have made one of its overall goals to have Switzerland recognized for international early stage investors. Several high-level investors have been recruited to help with the financing of the group’s projects.


Baur and his successful past and climb in the business world has been featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal.