Stopping Violence in Prison Using Securus Technologies

7:08 am on June 16, 2017

The prison system today is a much more violent place to work than it was many years ago. The reason for the escalation in violence can be broken down into three components. One, the gang presence in the prison has escalated, two, the prison is overcrowded, and lastly, contraband of all sorts is making its ways into the hands of the inmates in record numbers. My job as a corrections officer is trying to interrupt the flow of contraband because I have no control over the number of inmates in the jail.


We check each visitor that come into our prison, but even after full body searches and scans through the x-ray center, they will get the items the inmates need to them if they are persistent enough. The visitors to our jail do not care about getting caught or doing time in jail, especially the lower-level gang members who are ordered by their superiors to take a hit for the better of the group. That is what we have working against us each day.


Securus Technologies had recently updated the prison inmate call system, and me and my fellow officers were being trained to use the new LBS software that came with the system. This was going to change the way we conducted our searches in the jail. Instead of my team trying to anticipate what illegal activities were going on, we let the software alert us to conversations that would do the work for us.


Today, we let the alert feature tip us off to which inmates are using drugs in their cells. The system alerts us if gang members are talking about buying, selling, or moving drugs. We are even able to detect chatter about orders to attack inmates or police officers, then take the appropriate actions.