The life and work of Betsy DeVos

12:29 am on September 13, 2017

Betsy DeVos is a reformer and an innovator who involved herself with campus politics. For over 30 years, Mrs. DeVos conducted various campaigns, political action committees as well as party organizations. She was the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years. Betsy also served as chair of the wind quest group which is a private company that invests in manufacturing, technology as well as clean energy. She established the company alongside her husband, Dick DeVos, in the year 1989. Dick DeVos is the former president of Orlando Magic NBA. In 1990, Dick had been elected to the position of the State Board of Education in Michigan. Mrs. DeVos performs different non-profit activities whereby she is the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation. Mrs. DeVos is also a member of various national and local boards such as the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, the foundation of excellence in education as well as Mars Hill Bible Church.


Mrs. DeVos says that there are over 250,000 students in the public schools. She says that in the previous year the number of students admitted increased by about 40,000. People believed that public schools do not succeed and are always failing which led to the reform of the schools such as tax credits as well as an education savings account. Mrs. DeVos became interested in the reform of schools when she had children of her own. She paid a visit to Potters House Christian School which has been in existence for more than 30 years. It has been serving the low-income families in the community. When she visited the school, she saw parents do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for their children. She started to support individual students who attended the Potter’s House which later became a huge commitment. To date, Mrs. DeVos supports Potter’s House at a remarkable level. Mrs. DeVos and her husband became interested in helping parents especially the low-income families who had children. She involved herself by starting a foundation that provided scholarships to low-income families so that the parents would decide on which schools their children would attend.


In the 1990s, Mrs. DeVos worked on two national charities boards which include Children First America and the American Educational Reform Council. The two boards worked to expand the education system via vouchers as well as tax credits. In 1993, Betsy and her husband were involved in passing Michigan’s first charter bill. Betsy DeVos huge accomplishment is the tax-credit scholarship program in Florida. Expansion of the program in Florida has seen an enormous increase in the number of students. Currently, over 50,000 students are attending the school of their choice. Betsy is the secretary of Education, a position she has held since the beginning of this year.


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