Todd Lubar, Helping People Find Their Dream Homes Through Legendary Properties

2:42 am on March 31, 2017

Starting out in the business of real estate in 1995, Todd Lubar is a businessman and entrepreneur known for his work in the field of real estate. Todd is a man who has a love for the field, and for helping people who can contribute to his success in a large way. Ever since he began to set foot in the world of real estate, he knew that this was the place he was meant to be. His drive to help people find their ideal homes has caused him to lead his company efficiently and become one that is well known in the sector. Today, About.Me reveals Todd stands as the head of his real estate company, Legendary Properties.

One of the first companies that Todd Lubar started working in was Legacy Financial. Contrary to what one might think, this company did not deal much with the world of real estate, but with the sector of finance. The company worked towards providing their customers with adequate advice which would help them in their process of achieving loans and investments. Since Legacy Financial was already a well-established company when Todd began working there, he had the good opportunity of working with some of the company’s biggest clients. It was here that he formed a significant amount of professional connections, which has benefited him all through his working life. It was here that he learned the various nuances of businesses and financial planning, which he applied to the operations of his company.

According to, just after a few years of working with Legacy Financial, Todd decided that it was time for him to branch out and start up his company. This was the initial steps; working towards his dream of owning his company. In 2002, Legendary Properties was born and commenced its operations. One of the things that drew Todd Lubar towards the world of real estate was the fact that he also got to help people. Todd Lubar has always been an individual who gets a degree of satisfaction from seeing people happy and content, and what better way to do that, than giving them the gift of their dream home. Since commencing their services, the company has worked with numerous people and serviced a lot of clients in various matters of real estate and properties. Todd Lubar believes in forming close personal connections with the people his company services. Legendary Properties has had and continues to have an extensive list of clientele, ranging from small families looking out for a new family home, to large corporate looking out for large office spaces.